The music of South and Central America, Spain and Middle East are esthetically represented in this acoustic instrumental collection, reflecting the collaboration and musical inspiration of two superb guitarists song writers: Waldo Valenzuela and Alfredo Cáceres.
The album Hispanica is an eclectic collection of Latin rhythms from Chile, Brazil, Spain, and Caribbean Latin America, with an innovative and well infused jazz, and pop overlays that make the collection endlessly engaging and interesting to listen to. The Latin influences, coupled with nylon guitar styles, beautifully places this collection in a unique guitar world music genre.
Many noteworthy artists have collaborated in making this album, including the acclaimed Guitarist Jorge Strunz from the Strunz & Farah duo, the French Gypsy singer from the Reyes Family George Reyes. Jazz Guitarist Micheal O'Neill and Oud player Dimitris Mahlis to mention a few.

Born and raised in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Cáceres, a complete guitarist and composer, has been involved in a wide variety of projects and bands in styles ranging from World music, Flamenco, Jazz, Brazilian, Salsa, Pop and Latin. He has collaborated on several recordings in local and international productions, as well as in different festivals in the United States and in Europe. Alfredo has been living in the United States full-time since 2009, and has played alongside many different artists in the World Music arena, such as Persian singer Hamed Nikpay, guitarist Russ Hewitt, the Gypsy All Stars (of the Gipsy Kings family), Mario Reyes, and Marcus Nand (Ziroq), just to name a few.
In 2012, Cáceres released his first solo album in the U.S., one that involves a variety of his original compositions within the last ten years, recorded in his hometown of Guatemala and in Los Angeles, California.
Alfredo’s musical education started in this homeland of Guatemala with his first teacher, his father, Alfredo Cáceres Sr. He would later continue to study with different guitarists such as with spanish guitarist Paco Galiano in flamenco and with German Giordano in jazz. He also learned sight reading with William Orbaugh, as well as with drummers Byron Campo and Fernando Martin at the Poliritmos Academy.
Alfredo traveled to Seville, Spain on a three year scholarship from the Fundación Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco. While there, he trained extensively under different well known Flamenco guitarists such as Miguel Ángel Cortés, Niño de Pura, Eduardo Rebollar, Paco Serrano, Paco Cortés, Juan Manuel Canizares, Manolo Sanlúcar, and Rafael Canizares, among others. At the Fundación, he received instruction for two years in flamenco compás (Flamenco rythms) from Paco de Lucía’s dancer & cajón player, the late Manolo Soler.
After being in Spain, Cáceres attended the U.S. at Brookhaven College in Dallas, Texas on a two year scholarship, giving him the opportunity to play jazz guitar and go on tour in the U.S. and in Mexico with the award-winning Brookhaven Vocal Jazz Ensemble. In Brookhaven College, he pursued jazz guitar with guitarist Paul Metzger. Subsequently, Alfredo came to live in California where he occasionally studies with world renowned guitarist Jorge Strunz from the guitar duet Strunz & Farah.

Guitarist and Sound Engineer of Chilean origin.
In 1987 he relocated from Vallenar to Valdivia (Chile), where he studied Acoustic Engineering for 4 years. Due to the strong Jazz and Rock influence in Valdivia at that time, Waldo honed and perfected his skills in those styles of Music as well as traditional South American Music and Spanish guitar.
By 1991 he transferred to Santiago de Chile where he finished his university studies, graduating in Sound Engineering.
He has participated as a musician in numerous projects and with some of the best bands in Chile, DeKiruza and Gondwana, to name a few.
Currently he is extending his horizons, laying down roots in Los Angeles, CA.
Now settled in the U.S.A. he continues to develop as an Engineer in Audio Post Production for Cinema and Television, in Burbank, CA.
Along with his work in Post Production he has become known as an innovative guitarist and music producer.


Feautured invited guests
Jorge Strunz (Costa Rica)
Georges Reyes  (France)
Michael O'Neill (USA)
Dimitris  Mahlis (Greece)
Marcelo Córdova (Chile)
Patricio Castillo (Chile)
Leo Chelyapov (Russia)
Marco Rentería (Mexico)
Joey Heredia (USA)

Alfredo López (Chile)
Christian Moraga (Chile)
Gino Gamboa (Peru)
Sal Ojeda (Mexico)
Eliseo Borrero (Puerto Rico)
Jamie Papish (USA)
Mario César Oretea (Bolivia)
Matías Alvear (Ecuador)
Carlos Vivas (Colombia)
Dan Tai  López (Puerto Rico)
Arturo “Turra” Medina (Chile)

Mastered by Gonzalo Ramos
At Estudios Mix (Spain)


GSI - Guitar Salon International

We had the duo of Alfredo Cáceres and Waldo Valenzuela back at GSI to shoot some more videos – they just released their new CD ‘Hispanica’ and they played a couple of tunes from the CD.
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Siglo 21
Cuando tenía nueve años de edad, Alfredo Cáceres sucumbió ante la guitarra flamenca de Paco de Lucía. El gusto por el instrumento invadió sus dedos con magia desde entonces. Con el paso de años de estudio, forjó una importante trayectoria en el flamenco, que lo ha llevado a recorrer el mundo y a compartir escenarios con verdaderas leyendas de ese género, como Russ Hewitt y The Gypsy All Stars.
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