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North America
Los Angeles, CA
Waldo Valenzuela
Phone: 1- (323) 333-3302
e-mail: wvuchilegtr@gmail.com
Estudios Mix
Gonzalo Ramos
e-mail: gonzalo@estudiosmix.com

Big Brown Door

Big Brown Door is a musical project created in Los Angeles, CA which is born from the need to express the thoughts and music of Waldo Valenzuela (www.waldoval.com) and JB Boatman. Due to the diverse musical background between the two they find themselves diverging into the realm of Blues music which is influenced by Californian Rock as well as Pop and Soul. Welcome to this musical experience which fuses the best musicians that L.A. has to offer and has finally been brought to light this year, 2011.

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Waldo Valenzuela

Guitarist and Sound Engineer of Chilean origin.
In 1987 he relocated to Valdivia, Chile, where he studied Acoustic Engineering for 4 years. Due to the strong Jazz and Rock influence in Valdivia at that time, Waldo honed and perfected his skills in those styles of Music as well as traditional South American Music and Spanish guitar.
By 1991 he transferred to Santiago de Chile where he finished his university studies, graduating in Sound Engineering.
He has participated as a musician in numerous projects and with some of the best musicians of Chile, DeKiruza and Gondwana, to name a few.
Currently he is extending his horizons, laying down roots in Los Angeles, CA.
Now settled in the U.S.A. he continues to develop as an Engineer in Audio Post Production for Cinema and Television, in Burbank, CA.
Along with his work in Post Production he has become known as an innovative guitarist and music producer.

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